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Web 2.0 Quotient - version 1.1

Based on some of the feedback I received, I have made a few modifications to the Web 2.0 Quotient. There is greater focus on collaboration and not just having an account with the Web 2.0 services.

Check your Web 2.0 Quotient here.


Please keep your suggestions coming and help this evolve. Please share your score in the comments (Post a Comment link below).

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Uses rudimentary MS Excel features and is highly dependent of retaining the format and location of cells. No great programming has been attempted here. I still haven’t been able to figure out how to put this online.


Mousumi Ghosh said...

Hi Manish this is an interesting way to know about one's use and awareness of Web 2.0. My score is 34, so am a Web 2.0 infant.

Manish Mohan said...

HI Mousumi
Glad you found this interesting. Like you said, I also use this useful to generate awareness about Web 2.0 and related tools and use it my presentations. Of course it really depends on how much you collaborate using these tools (see some of the feedback I received on the quotient).

Anonymous said...

Its interesting. I got 77. Hmmm Web 2.0 Savy. But motivates me for a 100!!!

Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

my score is 90.
but this is not a all inclusive list

Manish Mohan said...

Hi Sri Vikas

Would love to get your inputs on how to make it more inclusive. Feel free to leave a more detailed comment.

Appin Technology Lab, Madhapur, Hyderabad said...

Hi Manish, scored 66 and got a glimpse of your scoring mechanism too. It's good for a start. Just one observation though, do you believe online chatting, having a paypal account and shopping online qualifies as Web 2.0? I guess we had those during Web 1.0, just that we did not have a name then...your thoughts??

Manish Mohan said...

Good point Sundar. You rightly point that these are more 1.0 rather than 2.0 elements. So while the intent and the basic bent of the questionnaire is to check how "Web 2.0 savvy" one is, it does include elements of basically how "web savvy" one is.

Appin Technology Lab, Madhapur, Hyderabad said...

Sure, got it.

Anonymous said...

I got a 42. Was told that I "live by email and phone" lol.

Sasha Gusain said...

I got 80 something. Savvy.. Hopefully I'll come back to this later and select: monetised blog in a few months. Interesting post and blog. Thanks for sharing.

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