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Indian Learning Professionals on Twitter

Following up on my post on blogs by learning professionals in India, here’s a list of Indian Learning professionals who tweet a little more frequently on Twitter. My criteria for selecting: minimum 50 tweets and must have bio text. Mind you, not all tweets are about learning/elearning. You can catch me on twitter at @manishmo.

Here’s the list of Indian learning professionals on Twitter, sorted on most tweets:

  1. Ruchi Bhatia @rucsb: Web 2.0 buff,IBMer,Learning professional, Indian, geek,net addicted, thought leader, luvable !
  2. *Abhinava @Abhinava: biker... dreamer... sapiosexual
  3. Geetha Krishnan @thoughts: Learning professional
  4. Archana Narayanan @rnarchana: Constantly evolving as an instructional designer at Kern Learning Solutions (www.kern-comm.com) to ensure richer learner experience
  5. Sahana @sahana2802: Instructional designer and social learning enthusiast. Believe collaborative, participative learning will be the future of e-learning and workplace learning.
  6. *R. Jaideep @rjaideep: elearning professional,tech lover,future entrepreneur
  7. Sreya Dutta @sreyadutta: Instructional Designer by profession, working at Oracle.
  8. Kapil Bhatia @kapil1312: Enjoy discussing Education, web 2.0 , edupunk, elearning. Hate people who block youtube and twitter in schools.
  9. Geeta Bose @geetabose: Run Kern Communications -a learning solutions & usability consulting company
  10. Rupa Rajagopalan @ruparajgo: Instructional Designing - My Passion
  11. Amit Garg @gargamit100: Co-founder - Upside Learning India. Interests - Outsourcing, Instructional Design, Sales, Marketing, Social Media.
  12. Taruna Goel @write2tg: “A learning professional” – an instructional designer, trainer, recruiter, supervisor, mentor, coach, change initiator, training manager…and more.
  13. Gerald Jaideep @gJaideep: Innovation Initiator or Hunter/Gatherer for FireStarters

    New additions to the list:

  14. *Swaminathan Moorthy @mrmwrites: Technical Writer, Blogger, Web Admin, Secretary - ITC SIG of STC, Employment Manager - STC India Chapter
  15. *Kavi @kavismusings: Anything that hits the fan is not evenly distributed
  16. Sathish Narayanan @elearningtyro: Instructional Designer and E-Learning Specialist
  17. Kaushik Chakraborty @togetherinlife: Love.Life.Great Parents.Training,Blogger.Speaker.Travelling.See India.Trekking.Himalayas.Reading.Long Drives.Yoga.Beer.Making Mistakes.Explore Life Everyday!
  18. Sundar @sundararajit: An ardent fan of social media..learning consultant in the enteprise space..venturing into management consulting, and life skills training...
  19. Abhijit Kadke @abhijitkadle: interests range from genetics, evolutionary biology, biochemistry, engineering, technology, computing to electronic games, media, communication, and design
  20. Vijeesh Shankar @vijeesh: learning - mobile, classroom, web, social, informal..(a-z of learning :-)
  21. Vasan @followVasan: e-Learning professional committed to making difference through learning solutions
  22. Gautam Ghosh @gautamghosh: HR and Social Media geek. Perpetual Learner. Student of Life.

* less frequent tweets about learning/elearning

Feel free to add to the list. I will update the list every now and then.


ray said...

Nice add me too @preetamrai - usually covers observations from east asia and edu tech developments.

thanks for compiling the list.

Manish Mohan said...

Hi Preetam
Glad to make your acquaintance. Will add you to the list. BTW, are you based in India? I want to build this list of learning professionals based in India.

ZaidLearn said...

Thanks for the LPoT list :)

Always nice to discover fellow professionals :)

Also, I have added your list to my list :)


Thanks again and Warm Regards,


Manish Mohan said...

Thanks for adding this list to your larger list Zaid. Love the lists you create.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ray said...

Hi Manish, I keep traveling all the time and often in Bangalore. I'll be there for the next barcamp too. Can't really say that I am based in India. I am often contacted by companies looking to work with e-learning professionals in India for projects and I tweet these requests. So I guess It will be good to know people on this list.

kaushik said...

I enjoyed your blog...Add me as well in your list..I head business training for ABN AMRO.

Manish Mohan said...

Hi Kaushik

What's your twitter ID?

Sathish Narayanan said...

Manish, thanks for an informative list :)

let me share my Twitter profile with you. Please check whether it meets your criteria for selecting a list of Indian learning professionals.

My Twitter profile is:

Thanks and regards,

Manish Mohan said...

Hi Sathish

Thanks for adding a bio in your twitter profile. Adding you to the list.

Abhijeet Valke said...

Nice Post Manish.

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