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eLearning and Content Development Salaries in India

The Unofficial Salary Survey for elearning and content development jobs in India is now closed. This year the survey received 104 valid responses. This is up from 54 last year and 10 the year before. NCR contributed with most respondents (25), followed closely by Chennai (23), Bangalore (18) and Pune (15). Mumbai (12), Hyderabad (8), Cochin (1), Surat (1) and Kolkatta (1) were the other cities. There were two responses from outside India which were not considered (the survey is for jobs in India).

Key highlights:

  • Instructional Designers (57) were most active on the survey, followed by Project management (22), Programmers (16) and Graphics/Media (9). Other roles that also participated in the survey but were not considered (for the want of numbers) were Sales and marketing (5), HR (1), QA (1) and operations (1).
  • Relevant experience was considered while analysis entries. However in some cases total experience was significantly more than the relevant experience and there may be skews on salary ranges, especially in project management function.
  • Salary ranges are too wide. Project managers seem to get paid more than other functions, looking at the visual patterns of the data.
  • Almost 60% of respondents have variable pay component as part of their salary. People with salary of more than Rs. 5 lac more likely (75%) to have variable pay. 45% of respondents with salary of less than Rs. 5 lac have variable pay.
  • The economy also has had an impact on elearning salaries in India. 34% did not get salary increase this year. 12.5% had a salary reduction. 33% had salary increase of less than 10%.
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Unofficial eLearning Salary Survey 2009 - India

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Anonymous said...

Hi Friends,
There are plenty of jobs in India. Just post your resume and get your dream jobs soon. All the best for your future.

Chris said...

Do Indian employers use online recruitment tests or more traditional means?

Unknown said...

This is very interesting. Our company has worked with with several Indian firms in developing our enterprise software for IT asset management. We have found that the software developers in India are very well-rounded in their technical abilities.

Unknown said...

Interesting and very informative topic. Thanks for sharing your ideas, can't wait for another one. Cheers!

content development

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