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How to Become a Thought Leader

Three easy steps to become a thought leader:

  1. Have a thought. You can’t be a thought leader without a thought. Have a point of view about everything, be opinionated.
  2. Share your thought. It’s all very good to have a thought but it is quite useless unless you share it. To be a leader assumes you have followers. You can’t have followers if no one knows what your thoughts are. It’s easy to share. Share more at workplace, be a node of reference, start a blog, don’t pass on an opportunity to present, be available, be visible.
  3. Make sense. It is good to have a thought and to share it with others. But ultimately it needs to make sense and resonate with others. Otherwise you are just opinionated. This is the toughest part of being a thought leader.

So there you go… becoming a thought leader in three easy steps.


Learning Collage- By Sonia Sant said...

So are thought leaders, people who spend time to think and strategize. Or is it about how people should do their job--the "Let me tell you."

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