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Unofficial eLearning Salary Survey 2009

Update: Survey is closed for the year. You can view the elearning and content development salaries in India for 2009 here.

Launching the Unofficial Salary Survey for eLearning / Content Development Jobs in India for year 2009. There's nothing official about this survey. The survey is not based on responses by companies but based on responses provided by you, the employee. This survey is not associated with any organization. The survey is anonymous.

This survey is for you if you are an Instructional Designer, Content Developer, Tech Writer, Project Manager, Graphics designer, Flash Programmer, Tester, Editor, Trainer, SME, or any other role involved in developing elearning or any other form of training content. This year I also attempt to find out how the economic conditions have impacted the salary hikes this year.

Click Unofficial eLearning Salary Survey of India 2009 to participate in the survey. I will publish the findings on my blog here sometime in August.

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Blogs by Indian Learning Professionals and Companies

Last December I posted top 10 blogs by learning professionals in India. Since then I have come across many other blogs by learning professionals and companies in India. Here are the blogs by learning professionals and companies in India that I read.

Individual blogs:
Company blogs:

If you are an Indian learning/training/education professional and have a blog that is not included here, please post a comment.

Vendor Client Relationship

I am pretty sure I shouldn't really comment on this one... :-)



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