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Unofficial Salary Survey of eLearning/Content Development Jobs - 2008

Update: See 2009 elearning and content development salary data here.

Last year I initiated the unofficial salary survey for elearning and content development jobs in India on my blog. I invited responses as comments on my blog post. The post got 10 unique responses. While the number of responses were not enough to consolidate and provide any trends, what was apparent was that the elearning salary range in India is quite varied.

One year down the line, it will be interesting to know what’s the situation now. What are the salaries for Instructional Designers in India? What are the salaries for Project Managers, Graphics designers, Flash Programmers, Testers? How has the economic conditions impacted the salary hikes this year? Have the salary structures changed? What really is the average salary of a content developer in India?

Take this year 2008 unofficial survey of elearning and content development salaries in India. The survey is anonymous. I will post the results on my blog from time to time. Update -- Poll Closed. View findings here.

Click here to view the 2007 unofficial salary survey for elearning and content development jobs in India.

Update: You can subscribe the results of this survey by RSS. Simply copy the link below into your RSS reader.


Update 2: The RSS above just shows the number of responses to the survey. Sorry to disappoint... no live results (I am disappointed too). Watch my blog for results from time to time.

Update 2: The findings are now available on my blog. Click here for viewing the findings of this poll.


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