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Announcing India Included

My boss for many years, and now my mentor and bouncing board for ideas, Neeraj Agarwal is joining blogsphere. He is starting his blog India Included, where he shares his insights in innovation and corporate social responsibility as part of what he is currently focussed on. In his blog, he focuses on

what is out there already … ideas, thoughts, efforts, initiatives, pilots of different kinds in different areas that can and do inspire more and more people to take positive action.


It would be great if you could visit the blog and encourage with your comments.


Veera said...

Thanks for sharing this information, Manish. Neeraj's blog is a great one. His article on Breaking through mind sets is a great one.

Sri said...

Manish, that video on 'ignorance of ability brings disability' was simply superb!!! Simple but effective - a direct 'hit wicket' effect -

Manish Mohan said...

@Sri - Glad you liked it. It truly hit the nail on the head.

@Veera - Sorry missed your comment earlier. No how could that happen!!!

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