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Four Three people don’t like my post Great Work is Not Recognized. Would love to hear more about different perspectives.

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Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora e Manish!

I didn't comment on your original post for the simple reason that the praise from management can be so capricious depending on a whole raft of seemingly unrelated factors.

One of them is opinion on what is a great job (or an exceptional one). A part reason behind this is the measurability of 'great' or 'exceptional'. In jobs outside of sales and bricklaying, this is difficult to do. I can appreciate your interest in this from the designer perspective.

Another is political. It happens in many 'western' countries that politics tends to call the shots over what is seen to be appropriate or acceptable. When the political environment changes, as can happen almost overnight, 'great' and 'exceptional' are not even subjective.

Sure we want to do a great job. How we go about deciding what that great job is depends on who we try to please.

Are we motivated to please managers? Are we motivated to please the political environment? Are we motivated to please ourselves with what we think should be achieved?

Some people are pleased if they succeed in pleasing management even if what they do may not achieve their own objectives on the matrix of what they do. Likewise, some are apolitical yet politically oriented to align with the politics of the time.

There is a lot that's to do with the human psyche in what I'm broaching here.

The true artist pleases herself. If she happens to please her manager, or other 'importants' in her sphere, she is in a win-win situation.

Catchya later

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