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Lies While Quitting

@sidin posed a question on Twitter about lies we give while quitting a job. I am sure there’s a full article out with a lot more research.

Over the years, I have heard many reasons that people give while quitting. These reasons are not necessarily lies in all cases. These are just a collection of some reasons that I figured were lies after the person had left the organization.

"I want to do something different" (when the will continue in the same industry doing the same thing)
"I am getting a better role" (when they will do exactly what they were earlier doing)
"I am getting a better designation" (when they aren't)
"I want to take a break" (and they promptly join another company)
"I have to go to my hometown because my parents are old/unwell" (and they promptly join another company in the same city)
"My spouse is getting transferred" (and I find either the spouse to be in the same city, or they have joined another company in the same city)
"I am joining a full time course" (and they promptly join another company)
“I have to join my family business” (and they promptly join another company)

What are some of the lies you have heard or have given while quitting an organization?


Kavi said...

Pretty comprehensive list you have here ! :) The two that i recently came across were..(obviously found untrue)

a. I am starting my own business
b. I am migrating out of country

The other answer to a question of where are you headed to that is so cliched..

"i have a few options and I am considering which ones to take.." when the medical tests and such else have been completed in the new organisation!

Manish Mohan said...

Very valuable additions Kavi. And yes, I have heard that other answer so often, I have stopped asking the question.

Lakshman Rajagopalan said...

The most popular one I have heard has been "I have 3-4 options, and considering the best one" - when they have one option and typically for the same role in a company doing exactly the same business.

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