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Indian Elearning Industry Size

I came across a post on Indian elearning industry size. According to this company’s research, the Indian elearning industry grew at approximately 18% CAGR since 2009. Nearly a third of elearning companies in India are companies with headcount less than 10. Nearly 78% are companies with headcount less than 50.

A near zero entry level barrier for someone to start elearning company would explain the growth in companies with limited headcount. Almost anyone with some experience and basic hardware now claims to be an elearning company. It’s like the training industry where anyone with some training experience forms a training company.

The Indian domestic elearning market is very fragmented. The requirements of the market are fragmented. There are hardly any large elearning initiatives in the country. And where there are, they start very small and are hard to scale. Not too many companies who want to implement elearning have a clear strategy for it. Elearning is still not an integral part of the overall training/learning strategy for many companies. Most companies want readymade elearning content for their needs, with some customization. I wonder if there's scope for more elearning off the shelf product companies in the country.


Excelonz said...

The e-learning market is growing at 35% in India

Calvin Brock said...
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Judy Schramm said...
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Judy Foster said...

So, the analysis provided by you, does state that – mostly the growth of elearning companies is targeting offshore markets but India(Correct me if I’m wrong). I guess, Indian market is still far too long as far as organizations and educational institutions using LMS is concerned- which is bit bizzare actually.

Sarah said...

India e-learning market is likely to showcase a gradual positive growth in the coming years. Indian e-learning content market is also expected to grow..

Cynthia Kincaid said...

The analysis was good.....it is knowledge sharing....thanks for sharing it..

Judy Schramm said...

Great to see about the market..

a10 said...

I am happy to find this article. Really appreciate the information your providing

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