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Quitting on a Job or a Boss?

Had an interesting chat with Mark Oehlert on Twitter.

moehlert Dr Mike Echols "people quit their bosses, not their jobs".

manishmo @moehlert Not always true (ppl quitting on boss and not job). Have had ppl profess their faith in me as a boss but still quit.

moehlert @manishmo I hear ya, I think Echols was referring to a generational difference - that X'ers r less likely than Boomers to put up w/ bad boss

manishmo @moehlert Intrstng. I read it as Gen Xers are more likely to stick w a boss they like, even if they don't like the job. (1/2)

manishmo @moehlert (2/2) Gen Y-ers are more likely to switch jobs frequently inspite of the boss. Based a little on my own experiences.

moehlert @manishmo I think that's right too

The notion that people quit their bosses and not their jobs is probably different for Gen X and Gen Y. Gen X is more likely to stick to a good boss even if they don’t like the job. Gen Y is likely to quit the job even if they like the boss. I read in an India employment report (that I am trying to get my hands on to) that Gen Y-ers’ average stint in a company is about 2 years. Based on my experiences, this is quite true.


sekar said...

Interesting article! People born before 1980 are generation X and people born after 1980 are generation Y, is my understanding right?

Manish Mohan said...

That's right. See links for more info: Gen X and Gen Y

Ivy said...

Good point for discussion ! The statement "No one quits their job but their boss" is quite valid. The thought of quiting sparks immediately in an individual's mind when there are conflict issues existing with the manager compared to other reasons.
I guess this will hold a heavy percentage as one of the primary reasons for quiting.

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