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Coming to Chennai has introduced me to many new things. I started using Twitter! I have also had the chance to meet up with budding and experienced entrepreneurs. As part of the Chennai Open Coffee Club I experienced un-conferences. I tried one in office and it didn’t quite go off very well, but then that’s another post.

The charm of being an entrepreneur is huge and draws a lot of people to it. I spoke to many people and listened attentively to many a discussion to understand various business models. I came across some very exiting ideas. But I got stuck at one question. Will it make money? Nothing excited me enough (read: nothing made enough money). Unfortunately I was looking at them through colored glasses of my cushioned existence of a reasonable income being deposited in my bank each month.

What I did realize is that at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what your business plan is. It is all about the giant leap of faith, jumping off the cliff and making it happen. All it needs is lots of execution excellence and some luck.


Kavi said...

Excellence in execution is the bottomline ! I guess entrepreneurship is no different. Perhaps it has much lesser leeway than what the corporate world offers!

Perhaps !

Treenz said...

I like this post. It is indeed an interesting perspective.

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