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Measuring Micro-blogging Adoption

Here are the parameters I am using to measure adoption of corporate micro-blogging.

  • Number of members on the service
  • Total messages
  • People with at least one message
  • % People with at least one message
  • People contributed 80% of messages
  • % People contributed 80% of messages

Still don't have a strong business case to take to my CEO for spending money on it.


Amit said...

May be you need a case study to show how micro blogging has helped the business - in any small way. Good Luck!

Manish Mohan said...

I do have some very interesting anecdotal evidence on how this has helped, but very hard to put ROI-type numbers. I am myself not yet convinced about the expense of $60/yr per person for the current service we are experimenting with. Perhaps I should also explore other free options.

Michael Hanley said...

How do you intend to get around the problem of proprietary info being shared on an external, hosted service?

I think most IT Depts & exec teams will find this a real "showstopper."

Manish Mohan said...

There are options to host micro-blogging inside the firewall. There are costs associated with it, which is my current ROI challenge.

I also feel sometimes the info security angle is overplayed. If there is something that really really needs to be protected, it will. However trying to apply over the top security for everything is too much of a good thing. Most of the time general awareness will do the trick rather than trying to put controls over info.

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