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Back from my Vacation

One week on "No Network" vacation has been great. I didn't miss the complete lack of connectivity until the last couple of days of my vacation. I took a trip to the hills, visiting Nainital, Binsar and Corbett, traveling by road.

Returned to 154 unread posts in my Google Reader. eCube Facebook group membership has grown to 89. The unofficial salary survey I started has 39 responses now. I discovered that someone had copied content from my blog and pasted on another site without acknowledging the source. I was flattered but not happy. So I added a Creative Commons button on my blog.

The My Flickr application on Facebook hung on me and I uploaded photo on Facebook AND Flickr individually. In the process I discovered that Flickr wants me to pay for membership for adding more than 3 photostreams while I can add as many albums on Facebook for free (though limited to 60 photos per album). Both probably give about the same user experience though I prefer Facebook's navigating through the photos in the album experience. However not everyone can view my photos on Facebook without being a member and a "friend". So I will try the Flickr application on Facebook again and maybe, just maybe, make my first payment for using an online service.


S M Nafay Kumail said...

Check out my latest piece on clo mag's June issue http://www.clomedia.com/guest-editorial/2008/June/2227/index.php

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