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One Year of Blogging

I started blogging rather accidently, responding to a post on another blog. Sometime in June 2007, I wrote my post on my blog on Microsoft Live Spaces. I subsequently dumped that and started this blog on Blogspot. In Feb 2008, I also started eCube, a team blog. In one year, I am completing 50 posts on my personal blog (with this post), and another 19 posts on eCube team blog.

I started tracking stats late September 2007. An anonymous commenter on my blog introduced me to Feedburner in Jan 2008. So far, my blog has had more than 4,000 visits and 6,400 page views. About 40% of traffic comes from referring sites, 30% from search engines and 30% direct. The blog has about 65 RSS subscribers. eCube has had more than 2,700 visits with more than 5,100 views, and has about 35 RSS subscribers.

The top 5 most viewed posts on my blog have been:

  1. eLearning and Content Development Trends for 2008
  2. Unofficial salary survey for elearning/content development jobs
  3. iPhone – The Dumb Blonde of Phones?
  4. Death of the Instructional Designer
  5. Tare Zameen Par

My personal favourites over last one year:

  1. Two posts inspired by recent movies in India: Chakde India Coaching in Corporate India and Tare Zameen Par. I find it hard to choose between these.
  2. My post Why Workplace Learning Is Largely Learning 1.0 got the most comments. I summarized these in my subsequent post.
  3. I wrote Tips for Running a Team Blog as a guest post on Michele Martin’s The Bamboo Project.
  4. It was great fun hosting the second edition of the Working/Learning Blog Carnival – April 2008. This post had 15 gem posts from various bloggers.
  5. I did quite some research in writing CEO and Corporate Blogging. This post has links to many sites that you might find interesting.

Thank you for reading and contributing with your valuable comments.


Poonam Sharma said...

Congratulations for completing one year of blogging! :)

I liked the Taare Zameen Pe post better than Chak De post. Simply because management strategies have hogged limelight for long but the theme of inclusive education is yet to break into a path breaking mould.

Workplace learning is a practical and most popular issue that every one in e-learning relates to. It is not surprising that it got most participation from your readers. I must thank you for touching upon such a meaningful subject. :)

Manish Mohan said...

Thanks Poonam :-)

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