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What I Learned in 2008

Learning Circuits asks readers to reflect on the year gone by and share what they learned in 2008.

I learned to shed my inhibition and fear of the online world (identify theft, spam, and most importantly, what will others think) and create a real digital presence on the web.

I learned how to make friends using the social web, through channels like blogs and social networking sites (Facebook and LinkedIn).

I learned to blog and interact with fellow bloggers.

I learned that it is not easy to get participation in online communities (not sure why I was surprised, having tried it in different avatars in the past).

I learned that it is great feeling when people I meet for the first time tell me that they read my blog.

I learned to shed my inhibitions to attend conferences on blogging and welcome opportunities to actually speak in conferences. I learned to blog about what I hear in conferences.

I learned how easy it is get a domain name and set up a website.

I learned to reflect and share my learning through my blog.

I learned about social and viral marketing and managed to generate a better response this year for my unofficial salary survey.

I learned from my fellow blogger how to gracefully agree to disagree.

Finally I learned that there is so much more to learn, and the more I learn the more I realize how little I know.

Here's a 'Wordle' of titles for 2008 blog posts.


Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Manish

An interesting fan of links you have given here - thanks for those, they cover a fascinating spectrum of topics on blogging and what learning was important to you.

About learning, I couldn't agree more. It seems there is an exponential relationship between what's learnt and what's still to be learnt, no matter how much is learnt - if you catch my twitter.

A nice sweep of a year's study.

Best wishes
from Middle-earth

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